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What is the MUDIPLAT project?

It is a multidimensional diagnostic and methodological platform supporting the development of the natural potentials of the unity. 

Applicant – Vysoka skola NEWTON
Partners – Higher School of Education Management
Project identification code – 2021-1 – CZ01 – KA210 – ADU – 000035065
Project duration – 1/12/2021 – 30/11/2022
Funded by – Erasmus + Programme

Project Objective:

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ program and in cooperation with Vysoka skola NEWTON University in Prague, an international project called MUDIPLAT – a multidimensional diagnostic platform and methodology supporting the development of an individual’s natural potentials – was implemented.

The aim of the project was to create a methodology to support the development of individuals’ natural potentials and pilot training for the development of natural potentials. The purpose of the training was to verify the proposed methodology and test the online platform . Participants were also trained to act as mentors to provide individual training and consult on the platform’s products. Workshops were held to introduce the project products. The project’s outputs include: methodology, supporting the development of an individual’s natural potential, a multidimensional diagnostic platform for objective self-assessment and supporting the development of an individual’s natural potential.



The MUDIPLAT project in practice

Read our representatives’ report from the MUDIPLAT camp and view a photo gallery from the event!


The MUDIPLAT program has developed tests that are useful for individual coaching. One can learn about one’s psychological type, recognize one’s subconscious archetypes, i.e. one’s potential abilities to perform various roles in life.

Personality compass

The “Personality Compass” test provides information about what our dominant psychological types are. Is it dominated by extroversion, introversion, and in decision-making thinking, feelings, or intuition. The test is very helpful in choosing a profession, or changing it, or in developing passions outside of work.

Test of pro-innovative behavior

“The pro-innovation behavior test allows us to determine the level of innovation we perceive both in ourselves and in the organization we work for.” 

Symob 1

The pictorial test “Symob 1” makes it possible to determine at what stage of individual development we are and what potential opportunities we have to develop, perform our function in personal or professional life. 

Symob 2

The “Symob 2” picture test makes it possible to determine, particularly in coaching, one’s attitude to oneself. Identify the previously mentioned archetypes, as well as consider how we imagine our boss or subordinates.